Patient Handouts Chicagoland

The Coleman Foundation supported, Supportive Oncology Collaborative’s (SOC) Cancer Support Resources for Patients are a work in progress that may be redefined as new significant data become available. The SOC makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever regarding its content, use, or application and disclaims any responsibility for its application or use in any way.

Each Patient Handout Includes:

  • Handout title to identify and address the need or concern
  • Introduction to the need or concern
  • Self-help information regarding that need or concern
  • Resources list of where to get additional information or help, such as:
    • Online
    • In the community
    • By phone

Most handouts include online resources in Spanish, and some have community resources with Spanish language offerings.  The Patient Handout Library includes community resources in the Chicagoland area; other geographical areas to follow at a later date.

Supportive Oncology Patient Handouts

The Supportive Oncology Collaborative, consisting of 10 Chicagoland hospitals and one in Peoria, Illinois including over 200 oncology clinicians and experts, developed 50+ Patient Handouts for a variety of common concerns and issues affecting cancer patients, their loved ones and caregivers.

The 60+ Patient Handouts provide access to information about supportive care services, health concerns/issues, and a listing of local, national and self-help resources. The content of each handout has been compiled from a variety of nationally recognized science and medical based resources and condensed into a one-page document for a simplified, yet expandable source of information and resources.

Patient Handouts are intended to help patients be informed and empowered to achieve the best possible outcome and quality of life.